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Web, Media and Applications

  I offer services and consulting on web projects and ITs. I have expertise in design and implementation using different technologies including Angular, Python, C#, jQuery, AWS, Javascript, MongoDB, SQL, WP, Drupal, .NET, CPanel (WHM), Windows Server, HTML/XML and others.
Experience that enables flexibility
  I have a wide, flexible and adaptable approach that will be of help on any project. I am a Certified SCRUM Master and have experience using Google AdWords, Ubuntu Linux Server and Apache, RS485 protocol for data logging and industrial monitoring, UML and architecture and a market-design ergonomic customer point of view and background. Let me know you idea and I'm sure I will be able to help you either on planning, implemententig, or both.
  • Web strategic design, starting up, site creation
  • Programming, DB and/or systems architechture
  • Automatization
  • Tech selection, system design and opportunity identification
  • Google AdWords
  • Community management via Hootsuite
  • CAD Design using Autodesk Inventor

Management, Consulting and Engineering

  I've had the opportunity to lead teams under promotion, sales, manufacture, service, construction, research, foreign commerce, learning, QMS audit and certification, management and desicion making. I am a certified SCRUM master with experience on project management focusing on human factors.
  Whether it be an industrial project, a web idea, a service or manufacture, I can provide insight and help you select, train and/or design the protocols for mantaining and managing talent within, and attracting it.
Persons that drive value
  I have a hands on integrative approach centered on the participants of any project. I believe it's the people who make up the teams the ones who will end up creating a difference and adding value to any proposal. Think about all the new big emerging iniciatives and tell me it's not so. The personal meaning each of them derives from their participation in the project is intimately related with the augmentation and success of the whole initative.
  This is why I'm so passionate about management, marketing, learning and psychology. I know this will be growingly essential for future sustainable developments and am sure that for any team, there exists a collaborative perspective that boosts motivation, value and efficacy. One of my goals is always to help the teams build that essential philosophy.
Adaptable engineering for non-deterministic challenges
  This human focused approach, plus my psychology background and my experience allows me to easily think out-of-the-box and come up with creative, innovative, quick and practical solutions to problems that otherwise can be intractable. I love this kind scenarios as they force a shift in the standing point that usually opens up new opportunities with it.

Counselling, Problem Solving and Therapy

  When counselling, I focus on solutions, cognition, meaning and drive. From a constructivist point of view, even though the history of the patient is iluminating and explanatory of their contingent experience, I firmly believe that we can constrcut, from the present, a sensical and meaningful way of overcomming present troubles and achieving desired goals. I have experience in online work and offer my services in face-to-face, remote and mixed formats. I am currently the director of Centro Extiende , focusing on therapeutical help.
Goal oriented counselling
  For this, I bring to the table all my interest, will and my exprience in different fields, never the less, always recognizing that the expert in his own experience is the participant. We will focus the motivation and beliefs behind previous resolutions and cases in which the problems have easily been solved. With this we can structure models and analogies that positively resignify the current state of affairs for the participant.
Psychoeducation and cognition
  Also, I have experience working in psychoeducative support and learning techniques. I've been helping students develops strategies to organize their study recognize their personal difficulties and develop their trajectory identity.
Therapeutical couselling regarding:
  • Brief therapy focusing on solutions
  • Psychoeducative support
  • Professional and vocational counselling
  • Motivational help
  • Introspective extensive therapy on personal meaning
  • Boosting team capabilities

Thermodynamic Industrial Systems

  I've trained on transcritical CO₂ systems in Germany, and refrigeration good practices. As one of the ASHRAE Chile Chapter original members, I can help with refrigeration.
I have experience on, and can offer:
  • System design, gear selection and CAD (Autodesk Inventor)
  • Documentation, manual and instructive writing
  • Calculating requirements (e.g.: CoolPack)
  • Contacts

Web, Technology and Marketing

  I've been working on digital projects since a while. I studied two years of Advertisement at Universidad del Pacifico, after which I dropped to study engineering at Universidad Adolfo Ibañez. This is where I graduated, I was part of the development and programming team of the intranet and participated as teachers aide in object oriented programming.
  I have developed pages and applications using Angular, C#, Android Studio, jQuery, and packages like WP and Drupal. I am also an advanced user of Microsoft Office including Excel Macros and Word, and can quickly learn how to use almost any software.
Agile and web oriented
  I am a Certified SCRUM Master and have been also certified on G-Suites and Web Development by Google. I know how to deploy and manage content on AWS and have experience on Google AdWords and AdSense.
Some marketing and web project highlights
  • Coordinate and manage working IceSta Flaker at Expo FrioCalor 2012
  • Terapias Luz Instagram social kick off, community management and WebPage
  • Other ads and images at my Dribbble portfolio
  • Cultural translation of websites for Chile
  • ICER Ingenieros WebPage using Joomla!
  • Instagram HashTag Categorizer
  • Cultural comparissons of IT adoption
  • Present subcooling technologies and theorethical principles at Meluck, Shanghai and Expo FricCalor 2012
  • Cultural effects on user interaction with ITs

Learning, Psychology and Mental Health

  I am a Clinical Psychologist from Universidad de Artes, Ciencias y Comunicación. This institution is well know for it inclusive focus on human communication processes and providing accesibility. Here also had the opportunity to work in psychoeducation, giving support to students in their learning process.
Areas of interest and highlights:
  • Consumer psychology and organizational psychology
  • Behaviorism and drive theory
  • TOK and cognitivist constructivism
  • Neuropsychology and developmental psychology
  • Biology of knwoledge and GST
Some of my writings during this time:
  • Social discourse and identity reformulation in the elder population
  • The interview as evidence for psychology
  • Interview kinds, limits and characterization
  • Cultural effects on user interaction with ITs
  • On errorless learning rehab
  • Projective techniques for diagnosis
  • Empathy and therapuetical change
  • Comparing psychodrama and behaviorism in group therapy
  • A review on the Rorschach test
  • Kantism and Aristotle on behaviorism

Industry, Engineering and Management

  I'm an industrial engineer, with a mention on bioengeneering and experience in management, thermodinamics and leading projects. I got my title as an engineer at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, in Santiago de Chile, leading private university well known for their competitive business approach.
  Later I began working at ICER Ingenieros, a refrigeration company representing the german brand BITZER Compressors. There I learned a whole lot of thermodyamics and industrial systems and had the chance to lead teams focusing on sales, design, project management and deployment. Also, I had the opportunity to certify the company on the ISO9001 standards updating the QMS, developing an ad-hoc workflow for sales, foreign commerce and project management using OpenERP and Kanban boards. I have expertise in management, foreign commerce marketing and negotiations; construction, techincal and industrial fields; human resources, guiding and selecting talent, and leading lab research on engineering.
Management highlights:
  • QMS certification ISO9001 for ICER Limitada on OpenERP using Kanban board
  • Select, train, hire and lead human resources and talent at ICER Ingenieros
  • Require, design and monitor development of Magento e-commerce with WebPay (Transbank) on Magento
  • Introduce EcoPac to Meluck International, Shanghai China
  • Negotiate, manage, setup and startup the first EcoPac at MinutoVerde, Romeral
  • Communicate subcooler research report to Innova CORFO
  • File and followup patent application for EcoPac, World Intellectual Property Organization

True experiential management and industrial know-how:
  I have experience in industrial systems, specifically on the refirgeration field. I have been in charge of managing projects, teams, desinging, setting up, selling, starting up, customer relations, purchasing (locally and internationally) and financing for projects in mining, food, construction and research indstries.

Some highlights on this areas:
  • Containerized 40 ft. chiller, Enaex, Salt Lake City
  • Containerized of 20 ft. chiller, Enaex, La Serena
  • Kryzpo Tres Montes refrigeration system, Casablanca
  • Chiller yeast Latin American Foods, Lessaffre, Renca
  • Water chiller for molybdenum plant, Antofagasta Minerals
  • HOYER TetraPak refrigeration system, Soprole
  • Chiller Monterrey, Tres Montes, Valparaíso
  • Marvest Mundo Marino refrigeration system, Quinta Normal
  • Santa Rita Wine Aroma Extractor Research, CONICYT
  • Ice-flaker, Pelluhue, Fishermen Syndicate
  • Salmones Aysén blast freezers, Puerto Montt
  • OEM Engineer for KKT Siemen, on Antapaccay (Bechtel)
  • Extract research data experiments at subcooler labs
  • Design and implement subcooling performance experiments
  • Monitor on-site prototype subcooler, Productos Fernandez

Basic Education and Other Interests

  I studied my lower and middle school years at Santiago College, in Providencia. Here I had the chance to trave to Melbourne Australia for one month, taking part in the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural programme, CISV, sharing and learning with other children from different cultures.
  I did my high school years in The Newland School, Lo Barnechea. Here I recieved the Best Friend Diploma on graduating, and had the oportunity to obtain my Cambridge First Certificate on English. This school also gave me the chance to participate in shack building and other social work as it was very engaged with the community.
   I like learning, playing cards, videogames, guitar, basketball and writing. TV series I have loved are Dr. House, Game of Thrones, Lost, The Mentalist and The Walking Dead. I once volunteered as a firefighter for the nineteenth company of Lo Barnechea, for one year. I have a drivers licence and a portable PC, and am a happily married father of two beautiful children.

Media and Digital

  Since a while, I've been participating in web related projects using different technologies including applications with Angular, jQuery, WordPress, Drupal, OpenERP, .NET and Joomla!
Some web projects I've been working on:
  • ICER Ingenieros Industrial Refrigeration (Joomla!)
  • a'Prizzo Pizza (Angular)
  • Intranet UAI (development team member C# .NET Framework)
  • AutoBlog 2NYZ (Word Press plugin intensive)
  • Terapias con Luz (Drupal)
  • HashTag Categorizer
  • Alfar De Soto Gallery (work in progress)
  • Centro Extiende (desktop view, mainly HTML)
  • Mobile Prototype of jads.cl (Figma sketch)
  • Psicosintesis (React)
  I'm always working on new projects and ideas, and will be uploading more links soon.
Media and Creative Projects
  I am not a full time artist or so, but I like spending my time creating digital artwork and designs with a pragmatic approach towards marketing. Check out at.
Take a look at some examples at my:
  • Dribbble portfolio
  • SoundCloud channel
  • Youtube Music channel
  • Humble contributions to laCuerda
  • My playlists at YouTube Music
  • Soft guitar playing at YouTube

Research and Other Work

  Math, psychology, cognition, constructivism, meaning and research methods are some of my areas of interest. I like to write, review bibliography and comment on social and technological developments and findings.
Here are some blogs I try to keep up to date:
  • Blog in spanish merging technology and psychotherapy
  • Blog in english focusing on self growth, wellbeing and adaptation
  • Blog in spanish based on usability, psychology and philosophy
Here, some other articles and ideas I've written down:
  • Language as a model for learning
  • Criticism of a food ad
  • Flash-gas in refrigeration (Wikipedia) written by me
  • On the measurment of human intelligence
  • Understanding knowledge within constructivism of social discourses
  • Guidelines towards a cultural translation of websites for Chile
  • Transcritical carbon dioxide in refrigeration
  • Kantism and Aristotle on behaviorism
  • Subcooling (Wikipedia) written by me
  • Criticism of biased news
  • Regarding research methods for human factors
  • Energy as a resource
  • Interview kinds, limits and characterization
  • Refrigeration challenges: optimizers (Pesca & MA, p. 46)
  • A review on the Rorschach test
  • Subcooler lab research report, Innova CORFO
  • English/Spanish complete I.1H0-Uv2 chiller manual
  • Abstract contexts and poetic scenarios
  • Eco setups refrigeration (Wikipedia) written by me
  • Enable macros in Excel (WikiHow)
  • A GST approach to family adaptation
  • Some remarks on system ergonomy for Chinese users
  • Previewing green markets
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I had the opportunity to sell and design two containerized chillers for explosives manufacture Prevoiusly I elaborated a complete computer recursive model in order to estimate the efficiency of adding precooling phases. With this, it was possible to determine the optimal size of the radiators I managed the whole project, buying and building, leading the team involved The chillers include a stainless steel open type KAORI plate heat exchanger The second version of the chiller was exported to Salt Lake City
I had the opportunity to import the machinery required for this project It is a recirculated freon system for a continuous Tetra Pak® Hoyer Frigus Also, it was my responsability to program the Danfoss VLT® AutomationDrive regulating the capacity and operation of the BITZER screw compressors
I took part in managing the start up and set up of Marvest, Mundo Marino, food plant in Quinta Normal
On visit to Meluck Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. factory on Shanghai, China
Our first EcoPac pilot test was done on Minuto Verde, Romeral. Here I had the chance to negotiate conditions, manage and monitor manufacture, setup and testing We installed our second and third prototypes at Invertec Natural Juice Indugel in Puerto Montt was one of our first customers, buying three E-20 modules
Productos Fernández gave us the opportunity to test the performance of the system in real industrial conditions I had the chance to set a a RS485 circuit to connect pressure, power and temperature instruments to a computational monitor logging all the data It was my responsability to document and optimize the manufacture procedures We created a portable lab measuring station in order to collect data from different instances Later on, we imported some modules for a more massive production approach In EcoPac we always were interested in seeking for ways to optimize and improove our procedures and how our participants engaged, learned and developd. This effort includes importing new technologies as our high frequency inductive welding machine
I had the opportunity to collaborate on a wine aroma extractor CONICYT research project for Santa Rita This involved regulating, using a frecuency inverter and electronic expansion valves, a system of very low thermal load and ultra low evaporative temperatures in order to attain the desired aromatic condensation
After negotiating the sale conditions of the project for Salmones Aysén, I also managed the project including the intallation of two large blast freezers for salmon. These were subcooled using EcoPac technologies over an economized BITZER screw compressor with capacity regulator For this project, we used specialized Ziehl Abegg SE ventilators over an oversized Meluck evaporator with large fin separation for cold temperatures. This allowed an exceptionally potent absorbtion rate inside the freezer
I desinged, sold, imported and managed the project for manufacturing this water chiller for Antofagasta Minerals, molybdenum plant
We wanted to show an IceSta IceFlaker working during the exhibition in order to allow visitors to appreciate the quality of the ice we could produce It was my responsability to coordinate marketing and communications, every design, every detail and define the participants roles on our stand We had the cance to make the flaker work in subcooled conditions, with an E-10 EcoPac. In this way, visitors could appreciate the improovement in production Using Microsoft Power Point, I also had the opportunity to give a small one hour lecture on the thermodynamics behind the EcoPac subcooler. You can check a document with the slides I used for this exposition and to introduce the technology in Shanghai on my marketing highlights (animations have been removed when converting it to a portable document)